Your answer represents yourself in front of the evaluator of the examination. Your answer represents yourself in front of the evaluator of the examination. Aspirants need to learn the skill of answer writing in various ways like answering precisely with bullet points and with the presentation of diagram or flow chart or graphs or matrix, in case of decision making, answers must be with neutral points and presentation must be in a diplomatic way and conclusion need to be suggestive. These skills can be learnt with regular practice under the guidance of our expert educators/mentors. We do regular R&D and always keep ourselves upgrade to guide our students how to write answer.

How to attempt CSE Prelims MCQ

How to attempt CSE Mains

While appearing Mains examination, any aspirant needs to justify right amount of time to each question, so that all questions can be appeared within the allocated 3 hours. We believe, below mentioned Thumb Rules need to be followed for proper Time Management.

How to write Essay

It is observed, two types of Essay topics comes in CSE mains examination, such as conventional topic and topic from current events. The conventional topics are covered by mostly recorded data, information and statistics which are relatively impersonal. Whereas the topic relevant to current events are in the form of conversation, aspirants may put his opinion and suggestions and hence it carries an emotion in the writing. Your views on the answer papers help the evaluator to understand you about your quality, efficiency and potentials. So, while writing any essay an aspirant need to be smart enough to choose the topic.

We here at ETHIC IAS ACADEMY do brainstorming sessions for Essay Writing which helps the aspirants to get many data, information and idea as content of the topic.


Aspirant must write Essay in paragraphs having portions like Introduction, data & facts, Impact (advantage/disadvantage) and conclusions with suggestions if topic demands. The concluding sentence of a paragraph must be written in such a way that it should connect to the next paragraph and the flow remains maintained.

No paragraph should be confusing or lacking in clarity. It should be clear and concise as possible. The introduction should be stated in such a way that the evaluator’s interest increase to go more deeply to the writings and he should be able to understand what is to follow next. Similarly the conclusions must be in a positive outlook with any interesting personal comment or any relevant narrative.

Preparing for the Personality Test

Personality is defined as “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character”. This indicates that personality cannot be acquired in a short period of time. In the context of Civil Service Examination, the personality of any individual must possess the following qualities like the ability to properly analyze any issue, courage and patience to overcome bottlenecks and time constraints in order to deliver services, assessment of past events to improve solutions in future, quick and accurate decision making and confidence enough on own decision, must not be biased or inclined to any particular factor and act diplomatic to handle situations.

We at Ethic IAS guide our students as per the following process exclusively for personality test.

We conduct dedicated Mock Interview Sessions under the guidance of Retd. Bureaucrats, ExMembers of Commission, Top Educators from reputed Universities and Psychometric and Neuro-Linguistic Program experts.

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