Bhubaneswar Foundation Day 75th 13 april
Bhubaneswar Foundation Day 75th 13 april

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state of Odisha. On this day in 1948, the present capital’s foundation was laid, despite the fact that the city and its temples are considerably older.
About the current state capital of Odisha’s past:

* On April 13, 1948, Bhubaneswar’s first mayor, Jawaharlal Nehru, laid the city’s cornerstone.

* German architect Otto Königsberger created the Bhubaneswar blueprint in 1948 with 40,000 people in mind. It is one of India’s original four planned cities.

* Sisupalgarh served as the capital of the Mahamegha-Bahana Chedi dynasty, which has a 3,000-year existence before Bhubaneswar.

* Tribhubaneswar, also known as the Lord (Eswar) of the Three Worlds (Tribhuvan), is the origin of the name Bhubaneswar, which refers to Shiva.

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