16 March - National Vaccination Day
16 March – National Vaccination Day

2023: The first oral polio vaccination dosage was administered in the nation on March 16, 1995. National Immunization Day is another name for National Vaccination Day. The day helped the entire nation become more aware of the value of immunizations. This year’s celebration is significant since the nation launched its largest COVID-19 immunization campaign at the beginning of the year. The nation’s population has already surpassed 30 million.

How long does National Vaccination Day last?
Every year on March 16, people celebrate National Immunization Day or National Vaccination Day. The importance of immunization has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 epidemic. Let’s look at the day’s brief history and significance. The purpose of the day is to spread knowledge about the importance of vaccinations in the healthcare system.

Also, it aims to inform individuals about how well immunizations work to avoid deadly diseases.

History of National Vaccination Day
It is marked on March 16 each year in remembrance of that day in 1995, when India received its first dose of the oral polio vaccine. As a result, the day honors the Pulse Polio Campaign of the Indian government. To end polio in the nation, the government took the initiative. Children between the ages of 0 and 5 years received 2 oral drops, per the program.

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