4 April- Mahavir Jayanti
4 April- Mahavir Jayanti

For people who are part of the Jain faith, Mahavir Jayanti is a very important holiday since it marks the anniversary of the birth of one of the most respected Tirthankaras in Jainism. On the thirteenth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, Lord Mahavir was born.

According to the Gregorian calendar, the event is celebrated on the 13th day of the waxing (rising) half of the Hindu month of Caitra, which occurs in late March or early April.

Mahavira, the Buddha’s contemporary and the 24th and last Tirthankara, was born on this day, which is known as Mahavir Jayanti (great sages).

Vardhamana, the original name of Mahavira, was born between 599 and 615 BC. The Swetambaras believe that Lord Mahavira was born in 599 BC, however the Digambar school of Jainism claims that He was born in 615 BC. Nonetheless, both parties concur that Mahavira was the child of Trisala and Siddhartha.

He was allegedly conceived by Devananda, the Brahmin Rishabhdeva’s wife, but the embryo was transferred by the gods.

According to the Swetambara sect, the expectant mother experienced 14 fortunate dreams. According to the Digambara sect, there are 16 dreams. Astrologers analysed the child’s dreams and predicted that he would either become an emperor or a Teerthankar.

He travelled, begged for food, and wore very little clothing while living as a hermit for more than ten years. He then acquired enlightenment, was recognised as a Tirthankara, and taught for 30 years before dying.

Mahavira is the main prophet of the austere contemporary religion of Jainism. There are more than 3.5 million people who practise jainism. They follow a non-violent approach to all living things. Some people decide to use face masks to lower their chance of accidently killing an insect when breathing in.

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